The home of animals, people and wellbeing in Kuusamo

Ronivaara farm is empowering community, where the focus is on the wellbeing of both people and animals.
At Ronivaara farm everyone is being treated as individuals – every animal has its own name and story behind it.

In span of many years farm has grown from stable of two horses into a home for about 20 horse and ever growing animal horde of the courtyard.
Farm located 10 kilometers away from the centre of Kuusamo has been the home of family business Ruska Laukka since 2006, which offers varieties of welfare activities with horses.
The entrepreneurial family lives themselves on the farm which is surrounded by forest and field pasture areas, traditional biotopes and wetland located at the yard.

Welcome to see and experience lives lived around Ronivaara!

The home of Animals, People and Wellbeing in Kuusamo

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Horse activities

Unforgettable trip to the land of finnhorses and ponies awaits you! From our finnhorse programs you can find individual horse riding and sleigh trips along side of farm visits to smaller groups, families and even for bigger entourage.

Come for a horseback ride at rural landscape and meet the calm and friendly horses of Ruska Laukka.
Mini ponies Venni and Ulla are here to delight children of all ages.
From our finnhorse programs you will find relaxing horseback rides which are suited even for beginners.

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Trail riding

Experience trail riding with finnhorses in the middle of forested hills of Ruka-Kuusamo in all seasons. Finnhorse trail riding fits for all expertise levels, even for beginners. You can choose shorter ride for beginners or longer ride for more experienced riders. Our finnhorses are calm and reliable individuals which makes the riding experience easy, enjoyable and fun! Did you know that finnhorse is actually our gentle and trustworthy national treasure?

Human and animal welfare is important to us. It is reflected in the living conditions of the animals in our farm and in what we do. Ruska Laukka is part of Finnish Federation for Equestrian Sport, Trail riding Union of Finland and Green Care Finland. Welcome to experience the finnhorses safely!

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Sleigh rides

Experience unforgettable trip in a horse-drown sleigh! Imagine a beautiful snowy forest, cold weather, frosty ground crunching under your feet and the Finnhorse walking steadily in front of you. Isn’t that a perfect activity on a winter day?

Sleigh rides are suitable for all ages and recommended especially for families and small groups. The trip can be done on several sleds and there is also a possibility to take a part in the trip by riding a horse. As an additional activity, you can come to visit Ronivaara’s farm and taste our delicious food.

Welcome to meet the Finnhorses and enjoy traditional sleigh ride in idyllic northern landscape!

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Horse riding lessons

It’s never too late to start horse riding! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or more advanced rider, we love to teach horse handling and equestrian skills to everyone. A riding lesson is a pleasant and effective way to focus on the things that are important to you and thereby to improve and become a better rider.

Riding field, manège and terrain at Ronivaara farm offers safe and pleasant envrionment for horse riding.

The connection between and wellbeing of horses and people are at the utmost importance in every actions we do.

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Welfare with horses

Ronivaara’s farm and its natural environment are harnessed to produce and support well-being and rehabilitation.

Ronivaaran tilan hyvinvointiohjelmista löydät voimaannuttavia kokemusohjelmia, virkistys- ja tykypäivään sopivia ohjelmia. Ronivaarassa tuotetaan sosiaalipedagogista hevostoimintaa, eläinavusteisia ryhmä- ja yksilökuntoutusta tukevia palveluita, nepsy-valmennusta sekä eläinavusteisia työhyvinvointia sekä työssäjaksamista tukevia palveluita.

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Horse farm visits.

Welcome to our stables in Kuusamo. During the program, your party will get to know the leisurely lifestyle of an arctic farm.

You will get to know the animals on the farm and get to care for and feed them. There are finnhorses, shetland ponies, sheep and chickens in the farm. We will equip the horses and you may try riding! Program is suitable for everybody, especially families with children enjoy it. Welcome to Ronivaara farm!

Welcome to Ronivaara, the northern horse farm in the arctic terrain of Kuusamo.

Farm visits

Programs for children

We offer unforgettable experiences for children with ponies, guided horse riding and carriage rides around the yard. Our Shetland ponies Venni and Ulla alongside with their friend offer activities, guided riding and carriage rides.

Alongside with other activities we can take care of ponies and get familiar with other animals at the farm.
You can get acquainted with life at the farm and our finnhorses in a single trip.

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Animals first

Welfare and ethical treatment of animals, sustainability and equality beween people are important for us.


Wellbeing animals produce welfare. Our standards for the wellbeing of animals are way above minimum requirements of animal welfare act.


We have pledged to operate responsibly in accordance of obligations and principles in our everyday work.


All of our workers have degree that allows safe working with animals. We have enough staff in relation to the animals on the farm and the visiting customers. Our animals are trained for their tasks. Protective equipment for customers is up-to-date and safe.

Welfare & finnhorses

The presence of a finnhorses and contact with an animal is an empowering experience. The connection between humans, animals and nature is at the heart of our welfare services.

At Ronivaara’s farm, we provide various welfare services including Equine Assisted Social Education (EASE), animal-assisted services supporting group and individual rehabilitation, nepsy coaching and animal-assisted workplace well-being.

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What our guests think about us: TripAdvisor:

star rating  Hi, Thank you for visiting us. It was nice to have you here. See you again!

August 2, 2019

star rating  Great place! Had plenty of fun! They managed to set a family activity that suited us all, both experienced and non-experienced, young ones (6, 13) and adults. The scenery was... read more

August 1, 2019

star rating  Very idyllic place focused on Finnhorses. The horses are extremely well taken care of and trained. The atmosphere is very friendly and trails are breathtakingly beautiful. Instructors are very passionate... read more

Tuija K
December 2, 2018

star rating  Very idyllic place focused on Finnhorses. The horses are extremely well taken care of and trained. The atmosphere is very friendly and trails are breathtakingly beautiful. Instructors are very passionate... read more

Tuija Kari
December 1, 2018

Google Reviews:

5 star review  Paljon ihania eläimiä ja ystävällinen henkilökunta. Erityisesti jäi mileen mahtava rekiajelu!

thumb Oona Ki
February 9, 2022

5 star review  Hienoin hevostalli millä oon IKINÄ käynyt! Varmasti asioin uudelleen. Henkilökunta oli niin ihanaa ja kilttiä<3

thumb Emma Saukko
February 9, 2022

5 star review  Ihania suomenhevosia ja lampaita. Omistajat super ystävällisiä! Kaunis pihapiiri ja ympäristö sekä käytännölliset tilat. Hienoa toimintaa kaiken kaikkiaan!

thumb Terhi Tapio
February 3, 2022

5 star review  Todella kiva paikka! Lapset Frieda 4v ja Martha 7v nauttivat kovasti ratsastuksesta ja me aikuiset iloittiin niin kun kaikki oli tosi hyvin hoidettu, kiitos 🤗🌿🌞☘️😊❤️

thumb Paula Koutaniemi
September 10, 2021

Experiences with Finn horses in Ruska Laukka

Explore our national treasure Finn horse in Ruska Laukka programs!

Experience cross-country riding, sleigh ride in beautiful fell scenery, a whole family fun experience or individual, empowering encounter.

Small hotel and Cabin village in kuusamo

Accommodation in our family business hotel Kuusanka in the Kuusamo centre or Petäjäkylä cabin village on a lakeside.