Ruska Laukan tallilla valmennus-, yksityis-, pari-, pienryhmä ja mini tunnit Ruka KuusamossaRuska Laukka talli Ruka-Kuusamossa										Suomenhevoset syömässä Ruska Laukassa Kuusamossa talvisäässäSosiaalipedagoginen koira-avusteinen toiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-KuusamossaRuska Laukan tallilla Tallituvassa tavataan Ruka-KuusamossaRuska Laukan talli-, varuste-, kuivaus- ja muut toimintatilat Ruka-Kuusamossa Ruska Laukka tallin pihapiiristä kesä- ja talvikuvia Ruka-Kuusamossa Ruska Laukan tallilla Vintti kokoontumistila Ruka-KuusamossaRuska Laukan tallilla kavereiden kanssa hengailua ja kesä laidunnan alkamisen riemua Ruka-Kuusamossa Ruska Laukan tallilla vanhus- ja vammaisyksikköjen syysrieha Ruka KuusamossaSosiaalipedagoginen eläinavusteinen toiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa

Ronivaara farm

Home for animals, people and welfare in Kuusamo

Farm and courtyard

Ruska Laukka is located in Meskusvaara, Kuusamo. The distance from the downtown area of Kuusamo to the farm is 10 kilometers. From Ruka to Ruska Laukka you can drive by car in half an hour. The farm’s yard is surrounded by forests and varied terrain.

The diversity of nature and the importance of preserving the traditional landscape are reflected here. The lands of the farm include traditional biotopes and a restored wetland. You can get to know the life of the farm through the farm visit program.

Horses and other animals

Ronivaara farm is foremost a horse farm. Horses of Ruska Laukka lead a species-specific life in the herd. Paddocks and pastures offer safe environment and the welfare of the animals is taken into consideration in everything we do. Other animals of Ronivaara farm, dogs, cats, chicken and sheep live alongside the horses.

Our stable is part of Finnish Federation for Equestrian Sport and our horses that are used with customers are safe, reliable and trained for their tasks.

Residents and experts

Ronivaara farm is the home of the entrepreneurs and animals in Ruska Laukka and a workplace for professionals of different fields. In addition to hosts there are riding instructors, instructors of equestrian hobbies, occupational therapist and property managers.

” Stable is cozy and in good order, reliable and content horses and skilled personnell. I recommend!”

History of Ronivaara

The entrepreneur family moved to Roninvaara farm in 2006. The farm became home both to the family and to Ruska Laukka Ky. The stable for two horses has grown into the home for 20 horses and the buildings have been renovated to serve the welfare of the customers and the horses. Surrounding nature is integral part of the farm and the company.