Growth stories

the corridor of Ruska Laukka stable became a particularly beloved place for me”

I brought also my daugter ro Ruska Laukka to grow

“I was a young girl who managed to grumble about something in my life every week. When I arrived at work in the mornings, Sanna knew what my mood was and called to come for breakfast before starting work. I have also brought my own daughter to Ruska Laukka and I can see how the horses have already made her grow tremendously with herself.”

-former trainee

Ruska Laukka tallin pihapiiristä kesä- ja talvikuvia Ruka-Kuusamossa

I was always enough in the stable

Saattaa kuulostaa omituiselta, mutta Ruska Laukan tallin käytävä muodostui minulle erityisen rakkaaksi paikaksi. Itse asiassa siitä tuli

“Since I was a teenager, I have taken care of my mental health with the help of horses. Sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously. Riding and visiting a beloved stable saved me once in my twenties and again in my thirties when I lived in Kuusamo. At that time, Ruska Laukka stable, its horses, staff and the whole stable community brought many much-needed good moments to my otherwise very distressing and exhausting life. If I felt I was unfit elsewhere, I was always enough in the stable. I was appreciated and listened to. I felt like I was part of the community.

I enjoy riding more than before, but above all I can ride so that the horse is also comfortable. Doing things so that the horse is comfortable is an important thing that I only really realized in Ruska Laukka stable. I also had very valuable success experiences with horses and riding.

It may sound strange, but the corridor of Ruska Laukka stable became a particularly beloved place for me. In fact, it even became part of my psychotherapy process. I took advantage of the image of myself standing in the hallway of Ruska Laukka stable whenever my therapist asked me to imagine myself in a particularly safe place.”

– adult rider

Ruska Laukan tallilla kavereiden kanssa hengailua ja kesä laidunnan alkamisen riemua Ruka-Kuusamossa

In Ronivaara I really learnt to know the horse

“In Ruska Laukka, finnhorse became my favorite horse breed, and with the help of Sanna and Nea, I learned to follow horses as a person, to “talk” with horses and I gained valuable information. So Ruska Laukka opened up my worldview in the horse hobby much more in the few years that I had learned in riding schools and as a horse owner during the previous 17 years. Mistakes were discussed, development was considered and good work was recognized.

The stable community encouraged each other to cope when they were tired and would not have been able to work, and many times I was happy to stay in Ruska Laukka for half a day just because it was so nice there. Ruska Laukka is a family, not just a stable place.”

– trainee