Ruska Laukka talli Ruka-Kuusamossa

Ronivaara hosts

Sanna, Nea, Harri and boys.


Sanna Kallunki is responsible for Ruska Laukka`s operations, planning and development. Sanna has always been animal-loving and has taken care of the well-being of others, which is why it is natural to produce well-being with the help of animals. The family plays an important role in life, which is why supporting work and the growth of children has been one important value when working from home. 

She has been an entrepreneur in the horse industry since 2006.  

The most important thing for Sanna is animal welfare and responsible operations and it is widely visible on the farm. She has been involved in the development of animal welfare and animal-assisted services for some time.  

Sanna has trained in Ypäjä as a social pedagogical horse instructor (SPHT instructor), a solution-oriented neuropsychiatric coach and a nature care instructor, and is currently studying as a nature- and animal-assisted work instructor. Sanna, who has been riding since childhood, has had time to get acquainted with many fields. She is a Centered Riding Instructor, originally educated as a youth activities instructor with a focus on special youth work and has worked for a long time on the school side with special children. Since then, he has worked in the IT field as a product manager, having completed an MKT degree, educational sciences, social policy and computer science studies at the University of Oulu.

Ruska Laukan tallilla valmennus-, yksityis-, pari-, pienryhmä ja mini tunnit Ruka Kuusamossa


Nea is responsible for the basic functions of the stable. She has grown up among horses and has ridden various horses for most of her life. Nea rides and trains in a variety of ways in the teaching of different coaches. Close to her heart are show jumping and dressage. Nea has completed her studies as a riding instructor. Close to her heart is also teaching and working with different client groups. She handles both Finnish and foreign customers smoothly. Nea trains the farm’s horses. 

Harri and boys

Harri is an entrepreneur. Another family business, Petäjäkylä, offers a wide range of accommodation services on the shores of Petäjälampi. Harri is responsible for yard district construction projects and repairs. Harri participates in events and occasions. The peaceful host is another of the farm`s unwavering pillars. 

The family’s boys Onni and Oskari participate in the activities in their own way. The boys are responsible in particular for tolerating horses to various moving and flying objects and the strangest sounds. This work has been performed very well; our horses work well even in changing situations.

Ruska Laukan tallilta tapahtumissa vierailuja suomenhevosilla Ruka-Kuusamossa