In the field and forest

Diverse nature is a part of horse welfare.

Ruska Laukka talli Ruka-Kuusamossa lintuperspektiivistä katsottuna

Fields and nature

In summer, the horses have access to forest and field pastures and traditional biotopes to graze. A wetland has been built in the area of ​​the farm, which increases the diversity of the area. There are about 10 hectares of pasture fields around the farm.

Ruska Laukan tallilla kavereiden kanssa hengailua ja kesä laidunnan alkamisen riemua Ruka-Kuusamossa

” Ronivaara horses are allowed to live a long summer of natural horse life in the pastures and in the forest. That’s the life of a happy horse!”


Traditional biotopes

Our farm has varied forests and diverse terrain, forest pastures, traditional biotopes and field pastures. We want to offer horses fun and meaningful exercise on the slopes of the farm in changing terrain throughout the summer. That’s why our horses graze in the farm area throughout the long summer to fall. Biodiversity and the preservation of the traditional landscape are important to us.

Sosiaalipedagoginen seikkailua metsässä ja veden äärellä Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa


The farm has traditional biotopes and a wetland with a catchment area of ​​about 62 km2. The wetland increases the diversity of the area and also increases the recreational use of the area.The wetland is 3 sections with two deeper pools. 

The wetland adds the diversity and birds of the area and is also a comfortable outdoor area.