Sosiaalipedagoginen hevostoiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa

Happy riding trip for the families 1h

Sosiaalipedagoginen hevostoiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa


No previous experience

Group, max 10 persons

65,00 €

Experience relaxed forest ride with finnhorses and ponies and experience the scenery of Kuusamo. Program is suitable for the whole family.​


Individual experience

A safe riding trip with finnhorses and ponies for the whole family in the scenery of Kuusamo is a unique experience. Your family is welcome to enjoy northern nature in all seasons with reliable finnhorses. The program is a joyful shared experience for the whole family at the horse farm.

The excursion is suitable for all ages, for the whole family. No previous riding experience is required. On a family forest riding trip, you can admire the scenery in varied terrain with private forest roads, slopes, trails and fields. A Venni-pony can also go on a forest trip.

Reliable finnhorses lead travelers to the countryside in the middle of nature. We walk in hazy landscapes according to the skill level of the group. You can also ride bareback, with a sturdy therapy belt. Family forest trips are also suitable for children, special groups and people with reduced mobility. There are safe ramps and the yard and stables are easily accessible and unobstructed. We guide the youngest children 's horses safely throughout the trip.

Ruska Laukka talli, Maastoratsastusta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa

In connection with the excursion, you can book tasty snacks to be enjoyed by the fire in a cozy village blacksmith's workshop or in the red cottage on your own. We deliver meal packages by pre-order (+ 8 €) per person. The package includes savory and sweet snacks, we prefer local ingredients.

The minimum number of people when booking online is 2 people. If you are coming alone, ask the appropriate group for you at

We kindly ask for reservations in advance. You can find other programs and forest riding trips of different lengths in the shop or you can book by e-mail or by phone +358 40 5300 603.

We operate responsibly. The welfare of people and animal is important to us. We have received Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland label as a sign of long-term responsible operations. Important values such as safety, comprehensive welfare and ethicality are seen in our daily activities. We pay special attention to general hygiene and to functioning operating environment in terms of safety and accessibility.

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We provide

  • Safe and competent horses
  • Professional supervisor
  • Guidance in the stables and in the forest
  • Helmet (attention vest or safety vest)
  • Dressing and social spaces at your disposal
  • Group insurance for customers
  • Finnish Riding Association’s insurance for chance riders

Additional services

  • Riding clothing
  • Snacks to be enjoyed by the fire in the red cottage
  • Other animal and nature programs


  • Dressing. Clothes and shoes according to season and the weather, always long-legged trousers and long-sleeved shirt.
  • Supportive shoes such as hiking boots, rubber boots and gloves. No flapping clothes, scarfs or backpacks.
  • Equipment used in other stables has to be desinfected before entering the stable area.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the stable area.