Ronivaara’s professionals

Sosiaalipedagoginen hevostoiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa

” There are professionals in Ruska Laukka working with riding, animal welfare, travelling services, animal assisted activity, rehabilitation, therapy – continuously studying multi-talents.”

Sosiaalipedagoginen koira-avusteinen toiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa


Mari is an occupational therapist who specializes in animal-assisted work. She works with her dogs Halla, Tähti and Salka. Mari is a dog sled guide by previous training and there are a herd of sled dogs at her home with whom she competes at the Finnish Championship level. Mari is responsible for our dog programs. In addition to horseback riding and dog activities, Mari enjoys hiking and trekking.


Veera works in the stable, participates in the daily care of the horses and customer service. Veera is a soon-to-be-completed instructor of social pedagogical horse activities as well as an instructor of equestrian hobbies. She is a chef by her second profession and program catering and camp catering are also her handiwork. 

Veera is seen in mini-lessons, forest trips, lessons and all kinds of horse activities and horse-assisted work, including with special groups. Sleigh rides as well as training young horses are close to Veera’s heart.


Saija is a newly graduated horse groom and instructor. Saija works in the stable, participates in daily horse care and customer service. Saija is also seen a lot during mini-lessons and forest trips with customers. Saija enjoys moving around in nature, reading and writing are close to her heart.

Sosiaalipedagoginen hevostoiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa


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Jarmo repairs everything that is broken and builds almost anything we can draw on  paper. He implements the plans, or makes an even better version of the plan. Jarmo, who works with Harri in the construction of the yard district, is an important part of the stable community. In the hands of these men, many plans have turned into concrete structures.