Traditional sleigh rides in Kuusamo

Experience the snowy forest in sleigh ride in the landscape of Ruka-Kuusamo

Sleigh rides in the landscape of forested hills

We harness the Finnish horse in front of the traditional sleigh and go on a sleigh ride in the forest to admire the landscapes of the Northeast. The beautiful natural environment and the snoring snow under the hooves soothe even the busy mind.

Sled riding programs are suitable for all ages, including people with reduced mobility. Some of the party can travel on a sleigh, while others can ride finnhorses.

Welcome to get to know the horses and to enjoy traditional sleigh ride in the idyllic landscape in Ronivaara!

We operate responsibly. The welfare of people and animal is important to us. We have received Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland label as a sign of long-term responsible operations. Important values such as safety, comprehensive welfare and ethicality are seen in our daily activities. We pay special attention to general hygiene and to functioning operating environment in terms of safety and accessibility.

Ruska Laukan tallilla rekiajelua suomenhevosilla Ruka-Kuusamossa

” Awesome, just like in old time movies”

unknown traveller

Nostalgic sleigh ride

Trip in rural landscape in a sleigh ride with finnhorses. Book a private trip for only your party. Sleigh rides are suitable for all ages, especially for families or small parties. We can use several sleighs if needed.

After the sleigh ride you can spend a quiet moment with the horses and to get to know the life in a horse farm. In connection with the sleigh ride, we offer hot drinks and biscuits in a comfortable environment. You can bring your own snacks and enjoy them safely by the fire only among your own party.

Duration 1h, 3-12 persons, children under 3 free with adult.

Suomenhevosilla rekiajelua Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa

Finnhorse trekking in forest

Trek with finnhorse at the middle of forested hills of Ruka-Kuusamo in all seasons

Forest riding or riding lesson as a gift

Wrap an experience as a Christmas present! Suitable for all ages, present an experience on a horse farm, new hobby or riding lessons!

Can’t decide… no problem! By a gift card and the receiver can decide on which program to use it for.