Animals first

Welfare and ethical treatment of animals, sustainability and equality beween people are important for us.

Metsätarhat, aukeat pellot sekä yhdessä asuminen pihatoissa tukevat hevosten hyvinvointia Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa

The good life of animals

Each of our animals – horse, dog, sheep or chicken – is an individual with a name and a story. The animals have access to species-specific behavior, a clean and safe habitat, and a reasonable amount of work.

The horses of Ruska Laukka live in the paddocks with free access to indoors. Animals are trained with ethical methods that are based on latest research. Our standards for animal welfare are significantly higher than the minimum level of the Animal Welfare Act and regulations.

Ruska Laukka has been awarded with the Sustainable Travel Finland label by Business Finland as evidence by undergoing the entire program and fulfilling the criteria of responsibly produced travelling services. We are also member of the Finnish Equestrian Association, Trail Riding Union of Finland and Green Care Finland.

Things that guide our work

We strongly believe in animal welfare and ethical treatment, as well as equality between people. We work every day to make sure that we all feel comfortable and a part of our stable community– everyone has their own important part.

Lots of our customers are tourists and horse riders but also persons belonging to special groups. For them in particular, enabling inclusion and participation is our heart’s desire.

Ruska Laukka tallin pihapiiristä kesä- ja talvikuvia Ruka-Kuusamossa

Empowering community

Belonging to a stable community is an empowering experience. Stable community is positive and permissive and you can come just as you are.The cozy stable environment is a great place to practice social situations and relax.

Everyone can participate. A participatory farm environment is a cornerstone of our activities. The stable building and the courtyard are unobstructed.

We take care of each other and have good community spirit and we are all equal. We treat animals, co-workers and customers friendly.

Ruska Laukan tallilla suomenhevosia Ruka-Kuusamossa

Ecological responsibility

Preserving biodiversity is part of our function. The farm area has managed field and forest pastures, managed wetlands, traditional biotope meadows and a restored creek. Grazing horses and sheep contribute to the survival of many traditional meadow plants.

All our activities are carried out by muscle. No motorized vehicles are used on the trip. Where possible, we encourage our customers and employees to take carpools, which we also arrange ourselves. Paddock promotes the well-being of horses and is also an ecologically sustainable solution.

We strive to use local and recycled materials in construction and repair. Part of the responsibility is also the desire to cherish Finnish indigenous breeds like horses, chickens and sheep.

Sosiaalipedagoginen eläinavusteinen toiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa


We pay attention to hygiene, health and safety when working with animals in our daily activities. All of our workers have degree that allows safe working with animals. We have enough staff in relation to the animals on the farm and the visiting customers. Our animals are trained for their tasks. Protective equipment for customers is up-to-date and safe. The activities are carried out in small groups, which allows for an individual and unhurried experience.

Sosiaalipedagoginen hevostoiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa

Memberships and certificates

In September 2020, we received Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland label as a sign of long-term responsible operations. We are committed to STF-Finland’s principles of sustainable tourism.