Sosiaalipedagoginen hevostoiminta  Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-KuusamossaSosiaalipedagoginen eläinavusteinen toiminta Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa Suomenhevosilla rekiajelua Ruska Laukan tallilla Ruka-Kuusamossa 										Ruska Laukan tallilla suomenhevosia Ruka-Kuusamossa

Ronivaara farm

The home of animals, people and well-being.


Healthy horse farm

Ronivaara’s farm and its natural environment are harnessed to produce and support well-being and rehabilitation. Our animal co-workers have been trained to work with different people and even in demanding interaction situations. The farm is a home of professionals in various fields of expertise. The staff has a solid experience and the latest information from the field of supportive rehabilitation services.

Supporting growth and rehabilitation is our passion. Thus, the environment and our everyday life at the farm focuses on those matters. For example, we have accessible and animal-friendly stables and other facilities that supports production of the animal-assisted welfare services.

Animals helps you to feel better

All the animals on our farm are friendly and willing to help you experience happiness in life. Ronivaara’s farm is a safe and functional stable community that offers meaningful things to do for everyone. Our welfare activities support personal growth and development. They will even teach you important life management skills at the same time.

We believe that it is always important to create an open, positive, encouraging and safe environment in animal-assisted activities. In addition, trustworthy community members and safe animals play an important role. Together with the animals, our staff supports your personal goals, whether they are relating to rehabilitation or quality of life. Welfare activities with animals have proved to improve your interaction skills, enhance your perseverance and emotional intelligence.

Animal-assisted activities

Social pedagogical horse activities support and help people in social growth and well-being. Activities may even prevent social exclusion at different stages of life. Working with a horse has a positive impacts, especially those who suffer behavioral disorders, weak self-esteem, have poor communication skills and have challenges in life management.

One of the focus areas in animal-assisted activities is taking care of the horse’s well-being. By taking care of the horse, it becomes visible what well-being consists of. It concretizes the basic habits and pieces of well-being, such as cleanliness, healthy eating, regular meals, proper exercise and adequate rest.

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